Thinking Beyond Trade School: Three Jobs You Can Get With Electrician Certification


Attending electrician trade school, such as, is a vital step in your career, but training for your electrician's certification isn't the only think you need to concern yourself with while you are in school. You'll want to consider the different job opportunities that await you once you have completed your training and certification program. Here are just a few of the career opportunities you may qualify for.

Electrical And Electronics Installers

Electrical and electronics installers can field a wide variety of tasks, from installing phone and cable lines to running wires for complex lighting setups. Once you settle on a position with a company, you'll most likely be working on the same types of tasks every day, such as setting up and adjusting security camera and alarm systems or configuring cable TV systems. Since there will most likely always be the need for experts who can install complicated electrical systems and components, this career offers some sense of job stability. As with many trades, you may also be able to join a local union for added job protection and benefits. Pay will vary depending on the type of installation work you do, but the average salary is about $53,900 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Line Workers

Line workers are the people who go to work fixing downed and damaged power lines after a storm or sever weather. While it is difficult work that puts you outside in inclement weather, the pay may make it worth your while. Experienced line workers can make an average of $29.68 per hour or $61,740 per year. If you like challenging work and the chance to spend most of your days outdoors, a career as a line worker may be the right option for you.

Inside Wiremen

Inside wiremen are the people you see installing electrical components and running wires for new construction buildings and remodels. This work is unique because you get to work on a variety of different buildings and locations, which gives your daily work routine a bit of variety. You can choose to work in residential or commercial settings, or you may find a company that offers wiring and electrical services to both. You may be able to join a local guild or union for added benefits and the typical pay for this job can average $72,000 per year, although it can vary depending on your location, experience and specialty.

Attending trade school and getting your electrician certification is the first step to beginning any of these lucrative careers. Take some time to consider the different job options available to you, and select the career path that fits your interests and skills.


27 January 2016

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