Want To Work In The Medical Field But Stressed About The Cost Of College? Great Jobs While You Study


Any student that thinks they want to work in the medical field and needs a reliable job to help put them through college should consider being an assistant while they work towards their degree. As some type of medical, dental or veterinary assistant you can get skills you need on the job, knowledge and good pay. Here are a few of the training programs you should look into at a local trade school.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant you will take the patient's vitals, learn how to type information into the medical computer systems, interact with the patients and see what happens on a day to day basis. The students will be able to take height and weight, take a proper temperature, and figure out someone's heart rate and blood pressure and more. This is a great option for those who want to be a nurse, doctor or other medical professional in a hospital or doctor's office environment. The job outlook is on the rise faster than other occupations. Contact a school that offers medical assistant programs for more information. 

Dental Assistant

The dental assistant will take x-rays, assist with the teeth cleaning, and help with any other patient needs that are necessary. The assistant will help with office work and entering date into the system for the dentist, and help the dentist with dental procedures. This is ideal for someone who wants to be a dental hygienist, or would like to be a dentist or another type of dental specialist. A dental hygienist program can be difficult to get into, and having this experience can put you ahead of the other applicants.

Veterinary Assistant

If you aren't sure what you want to do in the medical field but you know that you love animals and you may want to be a veterinarian, a veterinary assistant is great for you. You will work with animals checking them into the office, taking their temperature and writing down their symptoms for the vet to come in, and helping the vet with vaccines, examinations and procedures. Some veterinary assistants make over $30,000 a year.

Not only are these going to be reliable jobs that usually pay more than minimum wage, but having a great relationship with your employer can lead to great recommendations after you graduate so that you can work full time. You will also have this training to fall back on if you decide that you want to change your career goals, and if you need a steady job while you're job hunting after graduation. If you want a degree in the medical field, get a jump start with the training for any of these programs.   


2 February 2016

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