Discover How To Start Your New Career As A Certified Dog Trainer


Do you have a genuine love for animals, such as dogs? If you enjoy spending time with these animals, learning more about them, and would love to train all kinds of breeds, a certified dog trainer could be your next career. However, if you want to train dogs for a living, you must earn a certification proving you know what you're doing and are capable of working with different dogs in various environments.

The Journey to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer

While various certified dog trainer courses can vary, most will start with the basics, including recognizing different patterns and behaviors in dogs. Before you can train them, you need to understand them better, making it easier for you to work more efficiently with these animals. During your beginning courses, you may go over the following:

  • Starter Commands - If you want to teach dogs how to listen to different commands, you need to understand which ones are best to start with, especially when working with younger animals or those known to be more defiant.
  • Advanced Commands - Once you've identified some of the starter commands and why they're easier for dogs to get the hang of, you can begin learning more about advanced commands and how to teach them to dogs with owners who would like them to become more obedient.
  • Obedience Expectations - You may learn more about what to expect of different dog breeds, with some being more obedient and easier to train than others.

Once you've completed the basics, you may advance even further into your coursework, which would include learning some of this information:

  • Recognizing Habits - Learning to recognize the habits of different dogs will help you throughout your career as a dog trainer and enable you to work with various animals, including the most challenging ones.
  • Understanding Animal Health - Many training programs will review the importance of good animal health and what it takes to keep dogs in better condition.
  • Learning How to Communicate Better with Dogs - Throughout your coursework, expect to learn how to become a great communicator with dogs. You may end up feeling quite surprised about what you will learn about these incredible four-legged creatures.

Many training programs will teach future dog trainers how to administer CPR to dogs during emergencies and discover how to recognize potentially life-threatening issues that can develop in different dog breeds. By attending a certified dog trainer school, you can take required courses and earn a certification to work with animals you love.


20 April 2023

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